Biscuit Tournament Round 9

You guys were full of it this week!  Your comments made us laugh out loud so many times!  Thank you for that! 

In the savory side of the competition:  

Figgy Bleu (FB):  Fig biscuit with Rendered Panchettta and bleu cheese butter by Donna Deaton
My Big Fat Greek Biscuit (MBFGB): Sundried tomato and Oregano biscuit with Olive fluff and cucumber by Lauren Deets

In the sweet side of the competition:  

Funky Ass Biscuit (FAB): Banana ass biscuit with candied ginger and Nutella by Corey Christy
Cinnamon Cherry (CC): Cherry and cinnamon biscuit with spiced cherry fluff and toasted pecans by Deb Alexander.


Here is what you thought of the biscuits:  

We asked for your comments and they were great!  ( I will use the initials of the biscuits that are being commented on)

But the FAB into the final four, because we want more!!!
The FAB was like a big bras band PAR-TAY in my mouffff!
I liked the bleu cheese butter a lot.  It tingled my taste buds.  10/10......I like funky.11/10!
MBFGB:  I like the crunch!  
L-O-V-E the cinnamon & nuts & of course the cherry fluff! Toasted pecans warm my <3!  Fan-Foodie-Tastic!!!!!
FB: Rendered pancetta rendered my heart.
CC: The only thing wrong with it was it was gone too fast! 
CC: This is one of my favorites!
FAB: Nutella is pure win. I love biscuits!
MBFGB: It felt like a salad and I thought the ingredients paired well together.  
 The bleu cheese butter is the bomb addition in the FB! 
Bleu cheese + Pancetta = LOVE!
CC: *5 heart emojis!!*
MBFGB:  A biscuit made for the Greek Gods.
FAB: That biscuit is funking awesome!
Figgy Bleu my socks off!
CC: Somehow the pecans defeated Nutella combined with an ass biscuit.  I am bewildered by my tastebuds. 
FB: Sounds weird, tastes good!

Thanks for the great comments about our biscuits, and giving us something fun to look at! 

And the winners of this round are:

FIGGY BLEU by Donna Deaton

CINNAMON CHERRY by Deb Alexander

Good job to all of y'all! your ideas were brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing them!