Biscuit Tournament Round 10!

You guys were full of it this week!  Your comments made us laugh out loud so many times!  Thank you for that! 

In the savory side of the competition:  

Smoked Paprika (SP):  Smoked Paprika biscuit with arugula, roasted tomato and goat fluff by Katie Bryan
Tex Mex (TM): Cumin and pepperjack biscuit with pico de gallo and Mexican crumble cheese by Barbara Goosetree

In the sweet side of the competition:  

Funky Monkey (FM): Banana, chocolate chip and cinnamon biscuit with peanut butter fluff by Kim Boz
Minty Peach (MP): Honey biscuit with minty peach jam and fluff by Liz Pacyna.


Here is what you thought of the biscuits:  

We asked for your comments and they were great!  ( I will use the initials of the biscuits that are being commented on)

TMwas a taste x-plosion in my moufff!!!!
FM: 1 word: peanutbutterfluff!!!!!!!!
MP: Don't tell peanut butter I picked against him. 
SP: Light and right!
SP: A goat had a wish that her fluff one day would stumble upon magic.... Paprika was her wizard.
SP: Smoking hot biscuit.
SP blew my top off!
The MP: So light and airy. It was as if tiny oompa-loompaesque creatures snuck in in the middle of the night and blew tiny kisses into the peachy fluff. 
Its hard to pico against the TM.  Ill sure be cumin back for more. 
I wouldn't let Mario steal this peach from my castle-- it is too good to let go!
Another great drawing in our reviews!  

Another great drawing in our reviews!  

And the winners of this round are:

TEX MEX by Barbara Goosetree

MINTY PEACH by Liz Pacyna

Good job to all of y'all! your ideas were brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing them!