Christopher Inglis Stebly

Oh! That Chris Stebly!  Most of us here in Ocean Springs know him, or at least know of him.  But for those of you that don’t know him, he is a gentle and passionate man who follows his loves more honestly than most people I know.  He fishes, windsurfs, paints, draws, loves, cooks and dances! Boy does he dance!  (You can probably witness some of this joyful expression on the 23rd too!)

We are so lucky to have twelve of his original paintings and drawing hanging in the shop this month! 

Here is our interview with Chris: 

So you like to dance?  Tell us about your favorite place to get down and where you feel the most free….Does your dancing ever influence your art or your art your dancin?

I love to dance! No matter long as the music is good and grooving! I'd hate to designate a certain spot, 'cause it can happen anywhere.  Freestyle is the way I do it, and I often regret subjecting people to it, but it is just the way I roll.  


A work in progress:  Leaping Bullfrogs.  This piece is hanging in the Greenhouse all July!

A work in progress:  Leaping Bullfrogs.  This piece is hanging in the Greenhouse all July!

You come from quite a well known artistic family.  What was it like growing up surrounded by incredible talent?  Its obvious how it physically influenced your work, but what about the mentality behind what you create?

It was wonderful, being raised by an impeccably gifted family; though quite intimidating, and overshadowing! How could I possibly measure up? I taught my self to be myself... that NO ONE CAN DO WHAT I DO!!!!
Nice, creative people lift me up from daily grinds. My major inspiration comes from nature, my Mother!!!, reading good books and asking good questions from elders;  they have proven the most helpful!!!!
My brother Jason and his music are very inspiring to me, and I love his sense of humor, as well as my brother Mark who is very funny and quite an outdoorsman. He taught me how to fish and hunt.


What do you do when you aren’t painting and drawing?

Surfing, fishing and exploring different places for natural inspiration….hunting abroad for clues about these meanings, are what keep me alive!!!


Do you have any cats?  What are their names? Why?  If you dont have a cat, what kind of cat would you have and what would its name be?  Why?

I have one cat, Balou. He is Polydactal and I aquired him from a close friend in Arkansas.  He is a bluepoint siamese with thumbs, and he is my good buddy.  We share seafood together, because that is the only way to get him to hush because he is very vocal.  He is always hungry at almost any hour.  He seems to know when i am feeling down and he will come to me and make me feel better.  It is strange.  I dont think many cats will show as much affection unless they are hungry.  
I have a cat because I am not really a dog person.  Dogs take too much looking after.  I love all creatures, but i am a cat person.  They are not stinky and they are useful to me.  
Send Mr. Sprinkles my regards by the way.  


If you had to paint one biscuit...what kind would it be?  What setting would you paint it in?

A plain with lots of butter and honey, and I would paint in in a blue green setting because it is golden.  It would complement it.  


Your mom is an amazing lady...What's your favorite thing about her?  How has she influenced your work?

Shes one of my finest teachers of all times, one of my best friends.  She is super intelligence and well read and has a child like demeaner which we share.  We take trips together to paint, bird and explore. We gather inspiration together.  

Can you give us a quick background and tell us anything else we might have missed?

I was born in biloxi, raised here in ocean springs and speant one year in New Orleans at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art and studied under Aeoustklis Ozols, the founder of the Academy.  He taught me how to pay attention to the figure, in life drawing class especially.  I was grateful to recieve a one year scholarship there in 91.
I was also grately influenced by the teachings of my mentor Stig Marcussen, a local Ocean Springs artist and close friend. Stig taught me how to wind surf, and took me on trips in the field to paint and draw while camping.
I want to add that I think all people are created equal and I like to meet people before I make a judgment of them, no matter what creed, color of skin or sexual orientation.  I prefer to make my judgment of the new people I meet by the content of their character and their sense of humor.  
I dream of a peaceful world to live in where we all accept eachother for who they are as individuals... Maybe one day.  I try to build peaceful bridges with each new person that i meet.
Baby birds.  There is a painting of this scene hanging in the shop this July!  

Baby birds.  There is a painting of this scene hanging in the shop this July!