Susan Carranza - Journeys: Real and Imagine

We are so excited to have Susan's work hanging in the shop.  It is the perfect show for summer.  It is far away and travel inspiring. Dreamy the most straight forward way to describe it; it is warm and refreshing. Here is an interview with Susan about her work.  

Quick background (experience, schooling, mistakes, for the wins, etc.) on how you came to be.

Well, I studied art at LSU, then went on to Washington, D.C. For a internship in art therapy. I worked as an art therapist for about 40 years - first in D.C., then in New Orleans and finally in ocean springs.  I learned a lot about life and art from the people I worked with.  I have been making art for ever. Even as a 5 year old I remember making art and then selling it for treats in the neighborhood. Not always so successfully.  Mistakes? Don't get me started.


If you didn’t make art, what would you be when you grow up?

Hmmm, I used to think I would have liked to be a medical illustrator , or a park ranger.  Now I wish I had figured out a way to work and live in Italy for a few years.

You’ve traveled all over.  Where are your favorite places, and why?

Italy is my all time favorite place.  Actually, I think that I was meant to live there. I always feel like I have arrived home when I'm there.

Your work is dreamy and wanderlust inspiring … What is the relationship you have with work?

I love to travel and need new vistas (internal or external) to inspire my work.  I think that my work is always some form of self portrait, especially the boat series. Funny you mentioned "dreamy" : my teachers always complained that I was  "dreamy", that I  daydreamed in class.   All of my work is somewhat of a mystery to me, I just work on them until they feel right to me

If you were to make one of the Greenhouse biscuits based on your favorite place, what would it be?

It would be a mozzarella basil biscuit with pine nuts and roasted bell peppers. I would serve them with a cappuccino, or a dark Greenhouse coffee!

What is your favorite de-stress snack when you’re in the middle of a making marathon?

Cappuccino definitely, cheese, and Quadratini Italian chocolate wafers!

You’ve been an art teacher to many here in town. If you could tell budding artists anything about art, the world, life in general, what would it be?

Well, as I remember I was always telling my students not to judge their art until they were  finished.  To have faith in themselves, in the creative process,and to just go with it.  
I guess that advise would be good  advise for life in general.