Trivia Masters Natalea and Rhea!

Natalea and Rhea are amazing. Twice month, they toil over the books/web to find the perfect questions.  They always make sure that the topics are cohesive, smart and that there is a bit of humor in there too.  We are ever grateful to our trivia masters and what they do for us and the community.  You see... they do all of this for biscuits and plum ginger tea... and to help raise money for different charities around the coast.  They are practically angels.  Here is our interview with them. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  

Can you give us a good trivia question about baking/biscuits?

Natalea: What’s the term for the substance that causes biscuit dough to rise? (Answer at the end of the post)

Rhea: I completely defer to Natalea on that one.

Natalea: Hey, remember when I entered “Hold Me Closer Tiny Biscuit” into the biscuit tournament, and it reached the semi-finals?

Rhea: Hey, remember when I basically forced you to watch The Great British Baking Show?

Natalea: No regrats.

How did the idea of Trivia Night come up?

Natalea: I was a frequent attendee of trivia nights at The Bridge Bar in Pensacola, and after I moved here last summer, I immediately wanted to find a fun trivia experience. I didn’t have any luck, so I approached the Greenhouse about starting my own. And here we are a year later! Huzzah!

Rhea: I love trivia nights so when Natalea said she was starting one, I immediately said I would come. Then she realized she needed a scorekeeper/editor and forced me into the position.

Natalea: You’re welcome.

Rhea: I’m also way too competitive and like knowing all the answers so it works out well.

What, if anything, do you feel you’ve gained from hosting Trivia Night?

Natalea: I’ve gained so much from hosting Trivia Night! An addiction to iced lemongrass/plum tea for increase in useless knowledge, better oratory skills, creative excuses for wearing costumes...

Rhea: Agreed, I’ve gained a complete dependence on iced lemongrass/plum tea!

Natalea: But most importantly, we’ve met some incredible people and gained lots of new friends! I love all of my trivia goers...Hey, remember The Janitors? RIP.

What is your favorite trivia question you’ve ever had?

Natalea: Your mom

Rhea: Do we have trivia this week? (which I ask almost weekly because I’m terrible at remembering dates)

Natalea: SMDH

Where do you source your questions? Or is that a secret?

Natalea: Edward Snowden

Rhea: I know everything.

Natalea: I know everything x infinity.

Rhea: You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Natalea: Touche.

Did y’all know each other prior to Trivia Night? If so, where did y’all meet?

Natalea: Rhea and I went to middle school and high school together in Ocean Springs, and I messaged her on Facebook as soon as I moved back to the coast. We became work colleagues at OOMA shortly thereafter, and I peer pressured her into being my scorekeeper/editor/security blanket.

Rhea: I’m pretty sure my response to that Facebook message was “YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!”

Do either of y’all have cats? If so, what kind of cat, and what’s their name? If not, what does your imaginary cat look like?

Natalea: I have a Persian mix named Minnie Pooh who is gorgeous and misanthropic and loves whipped cream (it’s like we’re the same person). My imaginary cat is simply Minnie Pooh ten times her actual size, and I would ride her around town, and we’d have matching sunglasses.

Rhea: I don’t have a cat. However, I regularly try to cat-nap my sister-in-law’s orange Maine Coon. His name is Loki, he’s the size of a small rhinoceros and the most majestic creature I’ve ever seen.

Natalea: You obviously haven’t seen Minnie.

Have you ever asked a question nobody could answer? What was it?

Natalea: All the time. I intentionally include questions that no one can answer in attempts to undermine others’ confidence.

Rhea: And then she laughs over how frustrated everyone will get - really the power of trivia master has gone straight to her head.

Natalea: You love it.

Answer to the trivia question at the top:  Leavening agent