ROUND 13!! And these Biscuits are DELICIOUS!

Just three more weeks until the FINAL! 


On the sweet side of the competition:  

Sunrise over OS by Jenny Meadows (SOO):  Coconut Cherry biscuit with mandarin orange fluff and cherry juice drizzle


Rosemary Strawberry by Melissa Johnson (RS): Rosemary biscuit with balsamic strawberries, honey fluff and crystalized ginger.

On the savory side of the competition:  

Gremolata Like It By Barbara Goosetree (GLI): Garlic sweet potato biscuit with lemon garlic oil and feta fluff


The Goatangonist by Nicolas Cummings (Goat): Dill Biscuit with sautéed leeks and mushrooms and goat cheese 

Y'all had some things to say about the biscuits this week:  

RS: Hands down the strawberry just as a fresher, natural flavor!

GLI: The Feta was the deciding factor for the win!

GOAT: Both were good, but of  a savory, that leek n mushroom is fantastic!

SOO: Wins for creativity, originality and flavor!

RS: Strawberry biscuit, all the flavors worked well together!

GLI: the feta fluff really st it up! the flavors blended perfectly!

RS: Both sweets were fan-bloody-tatsick...sunrise soon visibly delectable and evocative...BUT Rosemary Strawberry (BALSAMIC!) and ginger was just over the moon!

SOO: Happy Biscuit!

GOAT: Ok. I just have to say THIS IS THE BEST! The flavors are perfectly balanced and melt in your mouth.  I could eat this everyday!

RS: Candied ginger was everything

GOAT: I cannot stop thinking about the sautéed leeks one!

SOO: Tastes like cereal, milk and a buttery biscuit had a baby! SOOOOO GOOD!