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Lindsay Smith - Artist Reception

Lindsay Smith will be showing her work in the Greenhouse for the month of January! Join us for the reception! More specifics coming soon. 

Lindsay's Bio:
Creativity and imagination were always very encouraged throughout my upbringing. In early childhood, life was very nomadic before we settled in Austin, Texas. This may be the reason why travel has always been something I've drawn a lot of inspiration from, whether or not that is visually apparent in my work. This is the meaning behind the circular theme that I work closely with. I believe everything in life and on earth comes full circle.

Lately, I've been very drawn to things that bring joy, and even emotions themselves. Animals and nature always bring light to my life, as well as many others. When it comes to my abstract work, I want them to bring feelings of bold serenity and wholeness. I have an intense interest in line work and pattern and I feel as though that is a reoccurring theme throughout all of my work. I greatly enjoy finding this through different techniques and mediums such as ink, acrylic, oil, paper, water, pen, and marker. However, I would say I use ink and watercolor predominantly in all of my works, their stark contrast is something I find rather attractive. Peace through contrast.