Upcoming Events at the Greenhouse!

Located on the quiet west end of Porter Avenue, the Green House on Porter is unlike any shop Ocean Springs has ever seen. 

Currently a coffee, biscuit, beer and art shop, but it will grow into something magical and unknown.  

The Greenhouse on Porter brings people together by way of impeccable coffee and snacks, and keep the engagement going by offering gatherings, markets, art, and information.  At first glance, it seems like a normal coffee shop, but then you notice bits of information about the local products used and the furniture built by a local job training program. Your first cup of coffee is free on Mondays.  Every other Friday night, the Opp Shop (short for Opportunity Shop) will be buzzing with vendors made up of local farmers, artists and makers coming to get their products out there. Throughout the week there will be art shows, figure drawing classes, movie screenings, lectures by interesting people, exercise classes, local cheese, wine and beer tastings, and potluck parties with performances by local and visiting talent.  The Greenhouse on Porter will showcase what is amazing about our community, while introducing the new.

We would like to prove (and share) that helping others in the community is a successful  business model. By creating a setting for experimentation for us and members of the community, we hope to not only demonstrate that the community can support new ideas, but create them as well beyond our current dreams.  We hope that by creating an open and encouraging environment, ideas will be shared, dreams will become realities, and learning and fun will be had by all.  We would like to prove that focusing on ideas and the community instead of profit can grow a successful and profitable business.




(228) 238-5680





404 Porter Ave
Ocean Springs, MS



Sunday - Wednesday 6a-2p
Thursday-Saturday 6a–9p