We are looking for long term team members (6+ months)

The Greenhouse on Porter is Hiring! Our team is made up of kind, hard working and community oriented people.  We are looking for staff members who have a heart for biscuits and coffee and take pride in their work.  While the main business is food service and keeping the place tidy, the job goes beyond that to be a gratifying experience for those who wish to be apart of a dynamic community.




Some of the responsibilities you can expect:  

-Making customers days better
-Taking orders, making coffee, assembling biscuits
-Washing more dishes than you’ve ever washed before
Sweeping, mopping, cleaning both the greenhouse and the shop
Organizing supplies and retail space
Prepping future biscuits, making fixin’s and other items in the kitchen
-Rearranging the yard and greenhouse for different events


Qualities we are looking for:  

-Hardworking, must love to interact with all kinds of people, customers and fellow employees
mad multitasking skills
quick on your feet, ability to see the whole picture and not just the task in front of you
-follow instructions well
-Responsible in handling monetary transactions
-Be innovative, creative and imaginative
Must be comfortable in a kitchen, have some experience with a knife and prep work
-Detail oriented

Potential hours: 15-25 a week.


General Employment Application