The Best Gulf Coast Eats

By Amber H.

What happens when two Yankees come home to the US for the first time in years? We head south. We have been lucky living in Bangkok to find some decent American comfort food. We’ve found good pizza and hamburgers and even found some good Mexican in Bangkok. The one thing we haven’t found is Southern comfort food. That’s we we spent a few weeks driving across the US south, in search of the best Gulf Coast eats......

Biscuits and Po’boys – Mississippi Gulf Coast Eats

September 20, 2016

On this week’s episode of our food travel podcast, we sit down with Kait and Jessie, the partners behind Greenhouse on Porter in Ocean Springs. Not only are they making some amazing biscuits, but in a few short years, they have created a neighborhood cafe, set, yes, inside a green house on Porter Ave. We had breakfast there three days in a row, and each day had loads of great conversations with locals, who welcomed us with open arms. 

It was an entirely pleasant, and uniquely Southern experience for us. We also chatted about their locally famous, annual biscuit tournament. This was a special little discussion for us, too, because we named our #USChowDown Kia Optima “Biscuit.” It all comes around to the food. And, although Kait and Jessie have no problem sharing their biscuit recipes, their recipe for their famous “fluff” is a secret, which Kait describes simply as “magic.”

Mapping Modern Mississippi

Jessie Zenor is the co-owner of The Greenhouse on Porter, a local biscuits, coffee, and beer shop in Ocean Springs. Although the Greenhouse fell into their laps, Jessie and Kate, her co-owner, have created a space that is community oriented.

“We set out from the beginning to have an active role in the community, and not just be about biscuits, and not just be about us. But to have an active role in bringing people together and giving a place for people to springboard their ideas and start their businesses.”-Jessie

This interview is part of the Museum's Mapping a Modern Mississippi Initiative. Learn more at

Got a biscuit idea that can’t be beat? Tell The Greenhouse

AUGUST 9, 2016

Hey there, biscuit fans. Yes, you. The one who holds a biscuit idea close to your heart but you’ve never told anyone because you’re afraid it sounds — well, weird.
There’s a place for your idea: The Greenhouse on Porter’s second Great Biscuit Springs Biscuit Tournament of 2016. Don’t worry. You don’t have to measure anything or turn on any kitchen implement. Just come up with a crazy-clever biscuit idea and submit it, said Jessie Zenor, co-owner of The Greenhouse, which is at 404 Porter Ave.......



Ocean Springs, Mississippi:
Why it’s great: The tiny Downtown, where every block has a creative bar with live music on sprawling outdoor patios most weekend nights. Those bars are intertwined with Southern barbecue and inventive restaurants, a giant art museum, and, of course, a beach. The Gulf here is calm, and after you’ve had your fill of culture and nightlife, you can take a paddleboard out to enjoy Mississippi’s natural beauty. Or take a boat out to the barrier islands and see beaches so remote and pristine they’ll make a Floridian jealous.
Must eat/drink: The pioneering gourmet biscuits at The Greenhouse on Porter. This converted greenhouse is doing for biscuits what Voodoo did for donuts, serving up stuff like jalapeño chili biscuits alongside weekly live music and yoga.
Don’t leave without: Getting out on the water. The town is so fun you might forget the beach is even there, but hit Paddles Up on Government St and find some water-bound expeditions.


By Matt Meltzer

The black sign on the front door of Government Street Grocery in Ocean Springs reads "Everyone."
A year ago, you would have thought it was some kind of droll meta-humor, like a sign reading "door" or "piece of glass." But in mid-2016, the simple black sticker with white lettering sends a serious message: we're not the Mississippi you think we are. And everyone is welcome here........



Biscuits. Dense and buttery. Light and fluffy. Buttermilk. Sweet. Savory. I’m not sure that I ever met one I didn’t like. Over the last three years or so, I’ve definitely stepped up my biscuit game. I’ve experimented with recipes, made my own jams, and taste tested restaurant offerings as often as possible. I’ll be honest, I thought I had my biscuit game down pat.

Then, a local place made me rethink all I ever knew to be good and right about these precious balls of dough we American southerners embrace as biscuits. The Greenhouse on Porter has transformed the biscuit community forever on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.......

Three Food and Drink Vendors Coined Winners at Taste of Ocean Springs Food & Wine Festival

Eat Drink Mississippi

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (May 23, 2016) - Vestige, Greenhouse on Porter and Alliance Beverage (Hawk Division) have been recognized as favorites at this year’s Taste of Ocean Springs Food & Wine Festival held on May 12 in downtown Ocean Springs.

Now in its 11th year, this premiere food event welcomed 500 attendees from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, throughout the state and surrounding areas to sip and savor some of the best food and drink around.

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Story By Kyle Tibbs Jones  |  Photos by Allie Hine
Bitter Southerner


Allie was in charge of directions.
She told me that in two miles we needed to take Exit Zero. I said, “No, really, where do we exit?” She said again, “Exit Zero.” We laughed. Was this some kind of “Being John Malkovich” moment? Were we driving into Steve Earle’s second album? Were we about to enter some other dimension? Turns out, we were.