Tess G.- Greenhouse Staff

Tess has been with us for over a year now.  She has her fingers on the pulse of the Greenhouse world. She also has so much going on in her life.   She is finishing her schooling in American Sign Language and is an active member of the theater community, most recently directing the wonderful musical Heathers for Downstage Productions Theatre in Gulfport.  She will be moving out west soon, but before she leaves, we made sure to save a little piece of her here!!  

Tess!  She is always laughing!

Tess!  She is always laughing!

What is your favorite biscuit/snack?

I could never just pick a favorite biscuit so my favorite sweet is a choco chip with peanut butter fluff and my favorite savory is corn biscuit with fluff and collards.

What is your favorite coffee?

My favorite coffee is Alabama snakes.

What is the Greenhouse to you?

To me the Greenhouse is community. Yes the building itself is a greenhouse and it’s very memorable. But the people are what make the Greenhouse stand apart. The customers and staff make the Greenhouse.
Do you have a favorite Greenhouse moment?
I have a couple of favorite Greenhouse moments the few that stand out in my mind are the Mardi Gras parade rolling past the Greenhouse and Sunday mimosa/Bloody Mary bar with Black Water Brass playing in the greenhouse.
What have you learned working at the Greenhouse?
The Greenhouse has taught me a new love for the community that I grew up in and that a job doesn’t have to be “work” if you love what you do.
Still laughing! 

Still laughing!