Biscuit Tournament Round 3

Again, the biscuits this week were amazing!  Good ideas y'all! And the comments and discussion in the shop were insightful and delightful!! This biscuit tournament is turning into a shining part of the week, and I am just not sure what we will do when it is over. Any ideas? 

In the savory side of the competition:  

Figgy Bleu (FB):  Chunks of figs in the biscuit with mild bleu cheese butter and rendered prosciutto by Donna Deaton
Al's Manly Biscuit (AMB):  Smoked Paprika and a dash if garlic powder in the biscuit, topped with roasted poblano peppers and onion and black pepper fluff! by Al Wallace

In the sweet side of the competition:  

Funky Ass Biscuit (FAB): Banana Biscuit with Nutella and Crystalized Ginger by Corey Christy
Fruit Sweet (FS): Chopped walnut, apricot and spice biscuit with brie and apricot. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.54.04 AM.png

Here is what you thought of the biscuits:  

We asked for your comments and they were great!  ( I will use the initials of the biscuits that are being commented on)

AMB: So much Flavor! Tastes like more! 
FAB:  Wow! Ginger & Nutella! Match made in heaven!
FB: Can I marry a biscuit?
It's difficult to vote against a biscuit with pork, but I give the edge to the AMB on the basis of boldly going where no biscuit has gone before! 
FS: !!!!!
FAB: A conditional vote pending name change.  Who wants to munch on funky ass!
FB: Having been a child at one point, I didn't think I liked figs.  I was wrong! This biscuit had my taste buds all fig-ured out! 
At first I was scared of AMB... well... because it looked a bit too MANLY! It was Fantastic! 
FB:  The figs & Bleu cheese danced the waltz in my mouth and down the gullet!
FAN: Lots of soul, Lots of sass!  Funk & Biscuits never had it so Good!
FS: Very close race... the brie closed the deal for me. 
FB: The Figgy made me me piggy.
The Ginger gave the FAB a fresh twist but the brie took the win for the FS!
FB: I thought the AMB for sure, but that thin slice of prosciutto sucker punched the competition!

And the winners of this round are:

FIGGY BLEU by Donna Deaton!

FUNKY ASS BISCUIT by Corey Christy!

Good job to all of y'all! It was really close! Al Wallace and Keith Wooten your biscuits will be seen on the Greenhouse menu again! They were up our alley!