Cole Beaune: The Shop Kiddo and Poet


Thanks for Joining the Greenhouse Team!  While we know that it is mostly impossible to answer ALL of these in Haiku, you must answer 12 out of the 14 in Haiku and the other two in prose.  So here goes nothing:

You’ve been here a little over two months.  You have washed so many dishes, portioned pounds and pounds of coffee and made countless ice  runs.  What has been your favorite greenhouse moment?

Reading, sitting still,
Listening to raindrops dance,

Drinking black water.

We know how much you love biscuits, and If there was a biscuit eating contest among GH Staff you would definitely win.  What has been your favorite biscuit?

Pizza with fresh cheese,
It made my eyes swell with found joy,

deliciously pure.

If you could make any size biscuit how big would it be?

Like a young mountain
Forming snow with altitude,

A titan to men.

Favorite thing you have cooked at home or at a friends house in the last month?

Dough rolls and crashes,
Waves overflow with red sauce,

Cheese naps like a cat.

If you could host your very own event at the GH what would it be?

Cats would climb the walls
Or rest in laps like old stones

Or, keep to themselves.

You are leaving for school soon. Where are you going and for what?

Portland, where mountains walk,
English, which has no career.

I don’t want to fail.

We recognize your history with cleanliness.  Soap and lotion? What's the story there?

My sister’s skin coarse,
Rough as an alligator,

My mother helped her.

What is your favorite poet / poem?

Rilke’s works are pure,
‘The Song The Idiot Sings”
Relates to my life.

Favorite author/ book?

“Brave New World” is fine.
I read it between long naps,

Aldous Huxley.

What bit of culture do you think we grown ups need to know?

Nothing I suppose,
Trends faze in and out, always.

Learn to love trees more.

Who is meaner.... Kait or Jessie?

Both are like mothers
Nurturing a young garden,

They want me to grow.

If you were gonna make a mixtape for the shop (do you even know what a mixtape is? ) what would it be?

Blues, Jazz, maybe Folk,
Guitars played till decaying

Roots breath for fresh air.

Do you have a cat? Kait wants to know how it inspires you?!? ...and its name please.  If you DONT have a cat write about a cat you wish you had.

I’ve always seen cats in my life
resting or being still with time.
I like how they move,
comparable to calm waves,
always lulling their bodies to sleep.
I’d love to own a Russian Blue;
their coat is gray like winter,
eyes green as clover.
They are simple
but independent and content with themselves.
They don’t have abstract thoughts or major complaints
To worry or bother anyone with.
They don’t care,
they have no need to,
and I wish I could live like them.

A fool.
Courtesy of Cole's Instagram account  @archivesofmylife

Courtesy of Cole's Instagram account @archivesofmylife

What do you want for your life when you are old?.. Like reallly old….Jessie and Kait old?

Not fail in whatever my career path is,
but who knows.
I’m still too young
to imagine a realistic future.
I just want to be happy living a simple life.
Maybe I’ll teach, but hopefully something with less work involved.
I might try freelance work
But that really depends on the pay.
Hopefully I can find a job I love,
Be content with my work,
And make enough to feed myself.
That’s all you need.

Write us a biscuit haiku!

Biscuits rest like clouds
after a rough storm, hoping

to be swept away.
Courtesy of Cole's Instagram account  @archivesofmylife   A self portrait at 5AM

Courtesy of Cole's Instagram account @archivesofmylife  A self portrait at 5AM