Kelly Koffler - The Biscuit Tournament Winner

A big congrats to Kelly!  She is the big winner of the Great Biscuit Off of 2015! Her biscuit killed it!  From the first round, we knew this biscuit would go far!  We are proud of her and excited about this biscuit!  It is so delicious and embodies the spirit of the competition and the south!  WAY TO GO!  

Now, Kelly is new to our town! In fact she and her family just bought a piece of land in town and will be building a house here!  We thought you should get to know her a bit, so we interviewed her!  


What is your inspiration for the Jalapeno Cheddar biscuit?

There are two things all Southerners love: jalapeno cheese poppers and pepper jelly covered cream cheese. I love the combination of sweet and savory, so I just knew it would be AMAZING!

We know you are the Jalapeno Cheddar biscuit, but If your kids were biscuits, what would they be and why? What about your husband?

Well of course all of my children would be sweet, cute, tender little biscuits. wink emoticon

My husband….a hot, hot habanero biscuit. Extra spicy! Yes, we are THAT couple.

Be honest, you are moving to Ocean Springs so you can eat biscuits every day?

Absolutely! It was love at first bite!

What biscuit best describes your mood right now and why?

I’m sitting in my office freezing right now, so all I can think about is being curled up in a blanket on my couch with a piping hot, flaky biscuit covered in some sort of gravy – comfort food at its best. MMMMmmmmm! Add a good cup of coffee, and my life just got a whole lot better.

Do you have any advice for people hoping to win next year’s biscuit competition?

Just think about what flavors you love. I mean really, all I did was suggest things that are always a hit at any party or tailgating event. It was the fabulous biscuit fairies who made the magic happen

The winning biscuit!!! Jalapeño Cheddar!  Photo Cred: Clara Cobb

The winning biscuit!!! Jalapeño Cheddar!  Photo Cred: Clara Cobb