Biscuit Tournament Round 12!

One thing is for sure this competition is getting tough.  There were several comments both to us and on paper about how difficult the decision was, and how much everyone loved all of the biscuits!  

In the savory side of the competition:  

Hey Naan-y Nannie(HNN):  Ginger curry sweet potato biscuit with Mango chutney and goat fluff by Keith Wooten.
Tex Mex (TM): Cumin and pepperjack biscuit with pico de gallo and Mexican crumble cheese by Barbara Goosetree

In the sweet side of the competition:  

The Big Mamou (TBM): Peanut Butter Sweet Potato biscuit with bananas, pecans and spiced fluff by Robby Amonett
Minty Peach (MP): Honey biscuit with minty peach jam and fluff by Liz Pacyna.


Here is what you thought of the biscuits:  

We asked for your comments and they were great!  ( I will use the initials of the biscuits that are being commented on)

BM: The fiction paired excellently with this biscuit
HNN: Enjoyed the mango and the ginger! The biscuit was wonderful
TM:  Loved the fresh veggies!  Really gave a great pop to the biscuit. 
MP: Fluff+Mint = BOOM!!!!
Everything about the TM came together nicely.  
I liked the addition of cayenne on the BM.  The peanut butter biscuit was unexpectedly great!  
The MP jam is FABULOUS!
TM:  Wow!  A nice pop of flavor!  
HNN:  Great combination of savory & sweet from the chutney with a bit of a bite from the curry. 
The MP is just a perfect match for the honey biscuit.  
HNN:  The mango chutney & fluff has the perfect amount of kick and is a nice match with sweet potato biscuits.  
HNN: Because.... Mango chutney!
BM: Unpretentious, not overwhelming! 
I usually hate mint, but this sweet and refreshing biscuit might be heaven sent! #brokeahontasrhymetime

And the winners of this round are:

HEY NAAN-Y NANNIE by Keith Wooten

MINTY PEACH by Liz Pacyna

Good job to all of y'all! your ideas were brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing them!