Taren Salter the shop mama!

Taren has been a member of our biscuit family since May! She has become a force in the biscuit making department and has warmed all of our hearts! She is mothering and giving to everyone who comes in the door.  Here is a little about her!  

Your accent tells us you aren’t from around these parts.  Where are you from and how did you get here?

Wisconsin, Georgia, Indiana, and I can now add Mississippi to the list!

Would you live in Biscuit Springs?  What would be the name of your street?

Yes! Homemade Avenue!

Biscuits! How about them?  Ever think you would make so many in your LIFE? Which is your favorite?

Never!!! I don't have a favorite.  I tend to lean toward the savory side but when I taste the sweet biscuits it gets confusing!  

Tell us what your last dream about biscuits was.

The dream was about what was in the fridge!

4 KIDS!  Name them in order from tallest to shortest...Which is their favorite biscuit?  What special biscuit best represents each of their personalities?

Austin: All the biscuits!
Kaloeb: I don't know
Kai: The biscuits with mushrooms
Aneela: Blueberry Biscuit with sorghum fluff

Do you have a cat?   Name and description?  No cat? Tell us about your imaginary kitty.

We used to have a cat! His name was Bogart and he was a little orange tabby cat that was sweet as can be! He didn't like boys to much though.

What would be the first 5 songs on the GH mixtape?

Perfect by: One Direction
Little Things by: One Direction
Gotta be You by: One Direction
Infinity by: One Direction
Act my Age by: One Direction
( Hacked by: Aneela Styles)

If you could have ANY event at the GH which would it be?

My daughter's wedding, in about 15 years. :)

If the Greenhouse served hot dogs instead of biscuits, would you still work here?  What would be the best selling hotdog?  

I don't think I would have found the GH if it served hot dogs so probably not.  The best selling hot dog would  be a homemade chili dog.

Tell us about a secret talent you have and how it has helped you cope with the craziness of the Greenhouse

I have 4 kids that keep me on my toes. I think my secret talent is multitasking. I seem to be moving from 4:00 a.m until 9:30 p.m.

Thank you Taren for being amazing!

Taren back in the day!  

Taren back in the day!