Biscuit Tournament Round 6

What a week for biscuits!  The competition was fierce and the biscuits were on point! 

In the savory side of the competition:  

Tex Mex Biscuit (TM):  Pepperjack and cumin biscuit with pico de gallo and crumbled fresco queso by Barbara Goosetree
The Acropolis (TA): Kalamata olive and oregano biscuit with creamed feta dressing by Lisa Broussard

In the sweet side of the competition:  

Funky Monkey (FM): Banana and chocolate chip biscuit with peanut butter fluff by Kim Bos
Lemon Poppyseed (LP): Lemon poppyseed biscuit with blistered blueberries and ricotta by Sarah and William Wallace

Here is what you thought of the biscuits:  

We asked for your comments and they were great!  ( I will use the initials of the biscuits that are being commented on)

The TA totally a-salt-ed my taste buds in the best way possible. 
This may have been the toughest week yet, but I couldn't get enough of that peanut butter fluff.  
The Funk Monk! I didn't like it. I LOVED IT!!!!
The TM is to biscuit what Jethro Tull is to rock flute.  Simply mind blowing! 
The LP has the perfect amount of sweetness from the blueberries and balance from the ricotta cheese! It was poppin!
The FM off the chart!
TA: Feta Fabulous!
LP: Blistered blueberry delight! 
TA: Ahhhh Kalamata Olives in the morning! Smells like victory!
LP was lovely with the blueberries bursting out of my mouth!
Just enough funky for the amount of monkey provided!
TM: A fiesta in my mouth!

And the winners of this round are:

TEX MEX BISCUIT by Barbara Goosetree!



Y'ALL KILLED IT THIS WEEK! The competition was close! I think this may have been the favorite competition round yet ! Good job to all four of you! You should be proud of your selves and your brilliant biscuit dreams!