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Math Men & Lit Ladies - An art show by Susie Ranager

Susie Ranager, an Ocean Springs artist, will be showing her collages, Math Men & Lit Ladies at the Greenhouse on Porter for the Month of June. Her Reception will be June 21. Music by Jesh Yancey!

“Math Men and Lit Ladies happened by accident. I was fooling around with some cut paper and found some images that reminded me of people. I made a template of a silhouettes I liked and then began to accessorize them. They were pretty fun but they needed something else to make them complete.

I just so happened to have an old algebra book at hand and thought to have The Men speak algebra. Then they were done!

So, if I had Math Men I needed to have their consorts. I used a different silhouette for the women and began to dress them too.

As the Men spoke Math the women spoke Literature (from another old book I had laying around). Thus the Lit Ladies companions were born.” -- Susie Ranager