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Biscuit Tournament: Week 8!

This Week:
Sweet:  Your Mama’s House by Paul Kirkland vs. Mint-To-Be byCarla Taconi
Savory: Carrot Live without You by Maddie Martinez vs. Quinoa Fiesta by Meghan Angelina

How It Works:
The winning biscuit will be selected by you the tasters.  Every Thursday, the 'Special Biscuits' will be a set of 4 mini biscuits, two savory and two sweet. Everyone who orders will be given a voting sheet, and encouraged to vote.  You decide your favorites!  One in each category will be eliminated from the tournament and one will move on to the next round until we come to the finals, where the best savory biscuit will be paired against the best sweet biscuit!  

Aside from the all the biscuit glory, and bragging rights for a year, the creator of the winning biscuit will receive a 2018 Coffee Club membership and a hell of a lot of attention from the Greenhouse!  

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