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Greenhouse Take Over

Four amazing artists, who just happen to be teenage girls, will be taking over the Greenhouse for the month of March! Their art will be hanging in the shop. They are taking over the Smarty Pants Lecture, the music playing in the shop, our instagram, our blog, and will be having interventions in the Greenhouse. This will be the reception for their Takeover! Come help them celebrate and support these amazing young women!

“Takeover” features the work of teen artists Amelia Wiygul, Dharma Gilley, Gracie Hankins and Teresa Ladd. 

Amelia, 18, of Ocean Springs High School, creates mainly because “the kind of art that I want to see just doesn’t exist yet. With my art, I want to be able to share whole experiences with my audience.” 

Dharma, 16, of Ocean Springs High School, creates works based on self-love. “I hope people will pull a lesson of self-love from my art,” she says. “It is incredibly important to love yourself for who you are and who you will become.” 

Gracie Hankins, 13, of Biloxi Middle School, is focused on the theme of nature in her art. She says, “I’m hoping to get a message to people to just spend more time in nature. The unspoken beauty of plants, silently growing to bloom, overtake, or protect the area surrounding them.”

Teresa Ladd, of Ocean Springs High School, says, "By being in this show I hope to become more confident in my art and to learn that people other than my parents will actually like my art and want to buy it."

All of the artists are incredibly excited to start their “takeover” of the Greenhouse on March 19th and share their artistic views!