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Vestige at the Greenhouse

Alex and Kumi will be serving a wonderful and special spring meal for 18 people at the Greenhouse on Sunday, April 26, 2014.  

The evening will start with a cocktail in the yard at 5:30 and dinner will begin at 6:15 inside the Greenhouse.  

Black-eyed pea beignets, bacon puree, buttermilk gel.
Molasses/sorghum bread, nasturtium butter, green tomato jam.
Pickled shrimp, pecan romesco, compressed celery, powdered olive oil, black olive crumb
Sous-vide farm egg, chicken veloute, braised hen, chicken skin crisp.
Branca-Menta chocolate cookies with milk shake of mint, cane sugar and tarragon.
Cocktail: Bee's Knees with local honey.

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