The Great Biscuit Springs Biscuit Tournament of 2017!

The 2017 Tournament is over!  Thank you to everyone who entered and voted in this year's biscuit tournament.   Winners of each round can be reviewed below!  


September 7
Sweet:  Afternoon Delight by Natalea Thomson vs. The Cereal Killer vs Dani Bailey
Savory: Bundes Biscuit Deutschland by Scott Leatherman vs. Lebanese Medley by Mary Ann Habeeb
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September 21
Sweet:  Humble Pie by Mark Houck vs. Apple Dumpling by Becca Niolet
Savory: Cheesy Baked Potato by Mary Sukiennik vs. I think I'm turning Japanese by Jordina Buhay
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October 5
Sweet:  Put da Lime in da Choc-o-lat by Keith Wooten vs. Vanilla Bourbon Cherry by Spencer Buskirk
Savory: The Long Shot by Mike Aukhertz vs. Mexican Biscuit by Julian Brunt
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October 19
Sweet:  Your Mama’s House by Paul Kirkland vs. Mint-To-Be byCarla Taconi
Savory: Carrot Live without You by Maddie Martinez vs. Quinoa Fiesta by Meghan Angelina
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August 31
Sweet:  Holy Cannoli by Aris Taconi  vs.  Rosemary Strawberry by Melissa Johnson
Savory: Gremolata Like It by Barbara Goostree vs. The PLT by Natalie Jacob
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September 14
Sweet:  Sunrise Over OS by Jenny Meadows vs. Hot Mess by Traci Barrientes
Savory: Senegalese Peanut Biscuit by Heather Denison vs. The Goatagonist by Nicolas Cummings
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September 28
Sweet:  Eat a Peach by Jason Agostinelli vs. Poppin' Biscuit by Rachel Reynolds
Savory: Besto Pesto by Mary Ann O'gorman vs. In a pickle by Jaklyn Wrigley
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October 12
Sweet:  Blueberry Cake Donut by Susannah Snyder vs. Matcha Made in Heaven Olivia Lestrade
Savory: Reuben by Jay Meadows vs. Gulf Coast Cowboy by Bryan Ashmore
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Round 2